Driven by hope: men and meaning by James E. Dittes

By James E. Dittes

During this ebook, James Dittes invitations males to include and have a good time their religious - and decidedly masculine - manner on this planet.

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Going through the motions, closeted, hitting the wall, a token, cheated, on the verge, hostage: All these words fit this experience. This must be one of the key lessons, but only one, that to be a man is to wonder Is that all there is? and to grieve Something's missing. Erection, then, is given as emblem of life and of manhood, key to male identitybut, in the deed not given, withheld, or imposed capriciously, leaving a legacy of wanting. And not just phallus but so, too, with the other identifying emblem of maleness, ejaculation.

Only that people don't think of you as a major player, a master of the universe. But what's so bad about that, after all? " releases the emperor from crippling pretense. Let the boy in Howard sing out a similar liberation of the would-be emperor in himself. If grocery checkouts and automobile check-ins provoke the cry, they become a blessing. Â < previous page < previous page page_136 page_137 next page > next page > Page 137 There is a boyish playfulness in Howard's counting out his coins to get back quarters.

To be a man is to be privileged to a keen sense of the spiritual wisdom that life is found in its losing. This proposal pushes uphill against the longtime presumption that what defines the real man is exactly the opposite of sorrow or confession of want: that a real man defies, conquers, overlooks, rises above discomforts and disappointments and deficits and whatever happenstance may occasion them; that a real man erases the shadows and seizes his destiny. Seeming disappointments are due to events that can be confronted and subdued, man vs.

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