Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop

By Anne Bishop

The nationwide bestselling Black Jewels trilogy confirmed award-winning Anne Bishop as an writer whose "sublime skill...blends the darkly macabre with spine-tingling emotional depth, captivating magic, lush sensuality, and interesting action."* Now the saga continues-with 4 all-new adventures of Jaenelle and her kindred.

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The Ebony Jewels she now wore…Jewels that indicated power he couldn't begin to estimate…made her the most powerful…and lethal… witch in the history of the Blood. She hadn't cut any of the threads. Hadn't destroyed the web. She'd left it intact, knowing there was another Black Widow living at the Hall who could look into that web and see the same vision. Him. Not quite an invitation to look, but the tacit offer to let him see what she had seen was the reason he turned and walked out of the room.

If she could reach the Keep, she could beg for sanctuary, and the Warlords couldn't hurt her. She'd almost reached the open land when she heard the crack of a whip, felt the leather cut her skin as it wrapped around her ankle. They hauled her back under the cover of the trees…and they were on her, flying around her, letting her flail and struggle and try to fly while their knives and war blades sliced her. Blood flowed from dozens of shallow cuts. When they sliced her wings, she managed a rough landing, but there was nowhere to run, no way to escape.

Saetan used Craft to probe the bodies. He felt equally chilled by and approving of what Jaenelle had done. From neck to toes, the bones of the Eyrien males had been crushed into small pebbles, making the bodies look like oddly shaped sacks. The muscles and internal organs had been ripped apart, as if claws had slipped beneath the skin, leaving it untouched while they tore through everything else in long, leisurely strokes. Which, he imagined, is exactly what she'd done. And for the few seconds it took her to do it, the pain would have been exquisite… He looked at the Eyrien woman.

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