Discovering Your Self Through the Tarot: A Jungian Guide to by Rose Gwain

By Rose Gwain

This Jungian interpretation of Tarot symbolism makes use of the Tarot archetypes as mirrors for taking a look within ourselves. Following Jung's character kinds as guiding ideas, the writer exhibits how the Tarot could be an incisive device for self-transformation, permitting you to find the forces which are operative on your personal personality. 
offers a procedure for comparing your robust and susceptible character qualities via indicating the court docket card and swimsuit that correspond in your character makeup. 
hugely unique card spreads show you how to concentrate on and enhance weaker aspects of your personality. 

different spreads make it easier to achieve perception into advanced and hard own relationships. 

a piece is dedicated to utilizing the Tarot to growth throughout the degrees of cognizance represented through the sephiroth at the Tree of Life. 

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