Discovering Biomolecular Mechanisms with Computational by Frank Eisenhaber

By Frank Eisenhaber

This anthology offers severe experiences of equipment and high-impact purposes in computational biology that result in effects that non-bioinformaticians also needs to be aware of to layout effective experimental examine plans. researching Biomolecular Mechanisms with Computational Biology explores the method of translating series strings into organic wisdom and considers exemplary groundbreaking effects corresponding to unforeseen enzyme discoveries. This ebook additionally summarizes non-trivial theoretical predictions for regulatory and metabolic networks that experience acquired experimental affirmation.

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T h e C O G database: N e w developments in phylogenetic classification of proteins from complete genomes. Nucleic Acids Res 2 0 0 1 ; 29:22-28. 60. Lim K, Tempczyk A, Parsons JF et al. Crystal structure of YbaB from Haemophilus influenzae (HI0442), a protein of unknown function coexpressed with the recombinational D N A repair protein RecR. Proteins 2003; 50:375-379. 6 1 . Yeung T, Mullin DA, Chen KS et al. Sequence and expression of the Escherichia coli recR locus. J Bacteriol 1990; 172:6042-6047.

Nucleic Acids Res 2004; 32(Database issue):Dl42-l44. 63. Hughes TR, Marton MJ, Jones AR et al. Functional discovery via a compendium of expression profiles. Cell 2000; 102:109-126. 64. Gonzalez-Parraga P, Hernandez JA, Arguelles J C . Role of antioxidant enzymatic defences against oxidative stress H ( 2 ) 0 ( 2 ) and the acquisition of oxidative tolerance in Candida albicans. Yeast 2003; 20:1161-1169. 65. Aldea M, Hernandez-Chico C, de la Campa AG et al. Identification, cloning, and expression of bolA, an ftsZ-dependent morphogene of Escherichia coli.

The strong association observed in terms of conserved gene order and neighborhood with two genes involved in the same pathway strongly supports an implication of COG2835 in lipopolysaccharyde synthesis or metabolism in bacteria. Its role in Homo sapiens is less clear, as that species does not synthesize lipopolysaccharides. RNase L Inhibitor in Ribosome Biogenesis In the final example we will show a wealth of evidence from genomic context data and homology relations suggesting that the protein RNase L inhibitor (RLI) is involved in ribosome biogenesis through an interaction with ribosomal RNA.

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