Dimensions of Radionics: Techniques of Instrumented by David V. Tansley

By David V. Tansley

Written by means of the most important specialists within the box of radionics (in collaboration with Malcolm Rae and Aubrey T. Westlake), this quantity is a definitive paintings at the topic. It information the sophisticated energies and styles of the human physique with emphasis upon diagnosising the religious, psychological and actual states of the person during the ether fields.

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Today parapsy chologists all over the world are taking a long hard look at this kind of phenomena. Evid ence came out of Russia in the l 960's which suggested that a considerable amount of scientific experimentation was going on to d etermine what factors were involved in action and influence at a d istance. Captain Edgar Mitchell, made public his experiments in tele­ pathy which were carried out during his historic flight to the moon. Thus an area that was considered not so long ago to be the sole province of the w itchdoctor is now under close scrutiny by members of the establishment.

We ourselves, with all our petty meanness, our brutal and insane cruelties, our obscenities, our pursuit of t rivial pleasures, and our misguided ambitions, bear within us the seeds of that perfection. Around us in the world an assort ment of voices d eny the premises for such a statement. a l phenomena. A ct ively or by suggestion the world seems bent on denying all but material values. Man shall live by bread alone. Man shall seek nothing but merriment , when he isn't working. Man shall be dust .

If there is clarity and nobility of thought the colours w ill be electric and clear, con­ versely if the patterns of thought and emotional response are low grade then the astral body looks congested and filled with muddy colours. The m ajority of people today are polarised in the astral body, which when overactive, has a d eleterious effect upon the etheric and physical bodies. It is claimed that 90% of all d isease originates at the astral and etheric levels. Mob reactions such as one sees at football matches are a prime example of j ust how easily negative forces can find expression through a group of people whose astral bod ies have blend ed .

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