Coronal Mass Ejections

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Published by way of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph Series.


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S. Hudson, K L. Kluge, D. G. Sime, K. T. Strong, and Ta. Wata­ nabe, Coronal eruptions observed by Yohkoh, in Y. Uchida et al. ), X-ray Solar Physics from Yohkoh, Tokyo, Universal Academy Press, 181-186, 1994. K u n d u , M. , Solar Radio Astronomy, New York, Aca­ demic, 1964. K u n d u , M. , J. P. Raulin, N. Nitta, H. S. Hudson, M. Shimojo, K. Shibata, and A. Raoult, Detection of non­ thermal radio emission from coronal X-ray jets, Ap. , 4 4 7 , L135-L139, 1995. Lemen, J. , L. W . Acton, D. Alexander, A.

The telemetry capacity of Yohkoh al­ lows the transmission of about 21 whole-Sun images, with 2 x2-pixel summations (~5") per 97-minute or­ bital period of the spacecraft. 70° across. 5-4 keV) band. This results in the loss of full-Sun imaging for an ex­ tended interval, in exchange for more telemetry devoted to high-resolution observations of the flare itself, with a maximum field of view 10' square. The optical axis of the telescope is almost always pointed so that the entire disk is visible, except during special operations.

Yohkoh observations of coronal mass ejec­ tions, in Proc. U. Colloq. 153, in press, 1996. Hudson, H. , T h e solar antecedents of geomagnetic storms, in Magnetic Storms, edited by B . T . T s u r u t a n i , W D Gonzales, and Y. Kamide, in press, American Geophysical Union, Washington, D . , 1997. Hudson, H. , L. W . Acton, A. , Sterling, S. T s u n e t a , J Fishman, C. Meegan, W . Paciesas, and R. Wilson, N o n ­ t h e r m a l effects in slow solar flares, in X-ray Solar Physics from Yohkoh, eds.

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