Competent Head: A Job Analysis Of Headteachers' Tasks And by Dilum Jirasinghe

By Dilum Jirasinghe

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Core passes through periods at which certain competencies are more pertinent than others. Individuals will also experience stages of personal and career development and change which will influence their job performance. Boyatzis and Kolb (1991, 1992) have proposed three modes of growth and adaptation throughout an individual’s career. First, a ‘performance mode’ where an individual is preoccupied with job success and job mastery, characterized by competencies relating to specific job and organizational demands.

2). A ‘key purpose’ for the job is outlined at the outset with subdivisions according to ‘key roles’. ‘Units’ then describe key task areas, whereas ‘elements’ are more precise descriptions of what individuals should be able to do. For each element there are associated ‘performance criteria’ which define characteristics of competent performance of the elements. Additionally, for each element there is a set of ‘range statements’ which describe the range of instances and situations in which the element is applied.

Questions surrounding the relationship between competence and job performance include: what should be acceptable as minimal performance? Should performance measured be optimal or minimal? Medley et al. (1989), working with initial teacher trainees, has been influential in suggesting a distinction between assessing competence and assessing performance. • Performance is the actual behaviour that is exhibited when the individual is working. It refers to what the individual does. • Competence is the individual’s capacity to perform.

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