Classic Battletech: Inner Sphere by Diane Prion-Gelman

By Diane Prion-Gelman

For millennia humanity has traveled the celebrities, development empires that span enormous quantities of light-years. these empires are domestic to a myriad of advanced civilizations. This sourcebook takes an in-depth examine the cultures and societies of the powers of the BattleTech® universe. Take a candid examine what existence is like within the internal Sphere, no matter if you are a Capellan who simply received citizenship or a Federated Suns scholar trying to achieve front to the distinguished New Avalon Institute of technological know-how. the interior Sphere sourcebook presents details at the 5 nice homes -- Kurita, Davion, Liao, Marik, Steiner -- in addition to the lesser powers of the outer edge. the internal Sphere additionally bargains basic histories of every society, finished maps and a piece detailing ten key worlds of the interior Sphere.

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