Chlamydia pneumoniae: infection and disease by Herman Friedman, Yoshimasa Yamamoto, Mauro Bendinelli

By Herman Friedman, Yoshimasa Yamamoto, Mauro Bendinelli

Chlamydia pneumoniae is a micro organism that's most typically recognized for inflicting colds and pneumonia. although, researchers have lately chanced on a hyperlink among C. pneumoniae and atherosclerosis, a clogging of the arteries that reasons middle assault and stroke. additionally, ongoing learn is exhibiting that definite traces may well play a job in bronchial asthma, a number of sclerosis, Alzheimer's illness, and arthritis.

This quantity, a part of the Infectious brokers and Pathogenesis sequence, is an entire portrait of C. pneumoniae and what's at present identified approximately it.

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In addition, the program AMPHI(29) predicted the C-terminal part of the proteins to form a transmembranic beta-barrel,(27) supposed to be used for translocation of the N-terminal part of the protein to the chlamydial surface (Fig. 2). (30) Another characteristic is the presence of repeats of the amino acid motif GGAI and FXXN in the N-terminal part of the proteins. Use of common prediction programs did not reveal any characteristic patterns for the N-terminal part of the Pmp proteins. A newly described program, BETAWRAP,(31) uses beta-strand interactions to detect proteins that may form a structure of parallel right-handed beta-helices.

Pneumoniae membrane modified from refs. 16 and 26. periplasmic space Omp2 is seen connected to Omp3. The structure of COMC is complex, with LPS, Ppm, spike-like structures, and MOMP trimers being surface exposed. 5. CHLAMYDIA GENOMES Sequencing of Chlamydia genomes has provided new means to analyze the molecular and structural biology of Chlamydia. There are now published five complete genome sequences: for C. trachomatis D,(18) C. trachomatis MoPn,(19) and C. (19) Chlamydia is, the microbe with most sequenced genomes.

The cellular immune response is also activated, and influence of on the C. trachomatis trachoma serovars has a dramatic effect on the developmental cycle of these serovars. (46) C. pneumoniae also lacks this operon, and developmental changes were observed when cell cultures infected with C. pneu(47) moniae were treated with Deviation from the normal developmental cycle may provide an intracellular environment supporting persistent infections, which may explain the high number of seropositive persons.

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