Central Electronics 600L Broadband Amplifier

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Using Robots in Hazardous Environments: Landmine Detection, De-Mining and Other Applications

There were significant fresh advances in robot platforms that may exchange people in project dangerous actions in not easy or harmful environments. released in organization with the CLAWAR (Climbing and strolling Robots and linked applied sciences organization) (www. clawar. org), this significant ebook studies the advance of robot platforms for de-mining and different dicy actions reminiscent of fire-fighting.

Quality by Design for Electronics

This ebook concentrates at the caliber of digital items. Electronics often, together with semiconductor expertise and software program, has turn into the main expertise for vast components of commercial creation. In approximately all increasing branches of electronics, specifically electronic electronics, is concerned.

Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 2: LEDs, LCDs, Audio, Thyristors, Digital Logic, and Amplification

Need to know the best way to use an digital part? This moment booklet of a three-volume set comprises key info on electronics components to your projects--complete with pictures, schematics, and diagrams. you will research what each does, the way it works, why it is priceless, and what versions exist. regardless of how a lot you recognize approximately electronics, you will find attention-grabbing info you could have by no means stumble upon ahead of.

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An NXT Touch Sensor Light Sensor The Light Sensor (see Figure 1–12) is one of the two sensors that will give your robot vision. The Light Sensor can read either ambient light levels or reflected light off of a surface. Like the Touch Sensor, the Light Sensor can be a major tool in helping your robot navigate the playing field. When including the Light Sensor on your robot design, keep in mind that if you are using it for reflective light detection, such as line following, you’ll want to mount it in such a way that it is blocked from outside light sources.

Obviously, the faster your robot runs, the more battery power it will consume. The same goes with motor power; producing more torque means consuming more battery power as well. These are things you need to keep in mind with your robot design. With LEGO MINDSTORMS robots, you only have a few battery choices, and only two have an effect on the actual size of your robot design. You can use replaceable or rechargeable AA batteries. If you choose to do this, you will be replacing batteries quite often during practices and competitions.

Robots with wide wheelbases are going to handle the effects of inertia much better than robots with small wheelbases. Gearing Up Your robot is going to need to move, and how fast or powerfully you want it to move may determine how you set the gears on it. The current NXT motors have some built-in gear ratios that make them acceptable for direct drive to your wheels if desired. But if you want something a bit faster, or better yet stronger, adding some drive gears could be the way to go. Gears can also be used to change the direction or axis of the rotation or even to change rotation to a linear movement.

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