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The amplitude of the reflected energy varies with the consistency of the ocean floor. Noise. Either inherent noise or that produced by one’s own transmission causes the signal-to-noise ratio to degrade, and thus weak echo signals may be lost in noise. Two additional factors should be considered. ᭹ ᭹ Frequency of transmission. e. depth sounding or Doppler speed log. Angle of incidence of the propagated beam. The closer the angle to vertical the greater will be the energy reflected by the seabed.

The frequency, wavelength and velocity of the radiowave are interrelated. The radio frequency spectrum is regulated by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The Table of Frequency Allocations and radio regulatory documents are revised at the World Administrative Conference (WARC). Radio wave propagation and the frequency spectrum ᭹ ᭹ ᭹ ᭹ ᭹ ᭹ ᭹ ᭹ ᭹ ᭹ ᭹ 21 The radio frequency spectrum is divided into several bands: they are VLF, LF, MF, HF, VHF, UHF, SHF and EHF. A propagated radio wave contains both electromagnetic and electrostatic energy called the magnetic field and the electric field.

8 Glossary The following lists abbreviations, acronyms and definitions of specific terms used in this chapter. Aeration Ambient noise Aerated water bubbles clinging to the transducer face cause errors in the system. Noise that remains constant as range increases. 14 Different display modes demonstrating the flexibility of a microcomputer-controlled echo sounder. ) Depth sounding systems Beam spreading Chart recorder Continuous wave system Electrostrictive transducer Magnetostrictive transducer Pulse duration (length) Pulse repetition frequency (PRF) Pulse wave system Reverberation noise Sonar Velocity 43 The transmitted pulse of energy spreads as it travels away from the transducer.

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