Bullying: A Complete Guide to the Support Group Method by George Robinson

By George Robinson

Formerly known as The No Blame strategy, the paintings of George and Barbara has been well known among practitioners yet criticised by means of politicians. This booklet contains an up-to-date variation in their top promoting Crying For aid and charts the hot controversy which result in the elimination of the tactic as a instructed intervention from the DfES web site. if you happen to have an interest in figuring out, utilizing and comparing the strategy, this can offer a transparent sensible consultant and an evidence of the idea underpinning the paintings.

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I n t he s econd ex cerpt, a t eenage girl walking with a boy is pushed aside by a group of three girls, forced to her knees and asked to drink from a ca n of drink which has b een spat into. At this point, her friend goes for help and the group scatter. The s econd inciden t is mo re vio lent a nd disgustin g. W hen dis cussing sui table interventions, pa rticipants o ften c hoose t o do no thing a bout t he f irst incident, suggesting that it is b est to monitor the situation and that almost a ny course of action might make things worse.

If the kids in my class could be in my shoes they would understand how I feel. If only they knew how I feel every day. Even in my dreams there are nothing but bad things. The only one I can talk to is the hamster, but the hamster can’t speak back. Maybe my being born was a mistake. I can’t stop the tears now. There was one, only one thing I wanted while I was alive, a friend I could talk to, really talk to from the heart. Just one friend like that, only one, was all I wanted. (Yoshio, 1985: 409) Shame The perpetrators are not identified but they know who is responsible for the target’s distress.

The gr oup went on t o dis cuss t he p ossibilities of having a ‘ name-calling b ox’, like a sw ear box. The tutor is still working on that one! Paul told me that he was being picked on, but felt that it was not serious enough to warrant a meeting; he did, however, want it to stop. Again, he was o ne of several victims of name-calling and minor harassment. We dis cussed t he p ossibilities a nd, as i t was v ery s oon a fter t he evaluation sheet had b een co mpleted, w e decided t o ask a f ew o f t he ma in protagonists to meet wi th me t o discuss their responses to the questions.

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