Boxing's Ten Commandments: Essential Training for the Sweet by Alan Lachica, Doug Werner

By Alan Lachica, Doug Werner

This boxing instruction manual presents up to date, in-depth training for critical contenders. Weaving basic abilities right into a development of drills that hone approach in more and more complicated, challenging, and practical combating events, the instruction manual aids combatants in constructing the reflexes of a whole boxer and teaches the stream from a process-and-react mentality to at least one of seeing-and-reacting. countless numbers of sequential photographs illustrate important steps within the progression—from right stance, potent footwork, and variety to protection and counters, the significance of angles, and growing successful suggestions.

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Now your boxing, baby! This is because your expecting it, so you’re not surprised. This will give your punching laws more meaning. ” Most knockouts occur when both boxers are throwing a punch at the same time. It’s the boxer who doesn’t obey the law who pays the price. Punching power comes from the ground up. When your foot is turned, the power comes on and the weight is transferred. Of course, there are people who have exceptional power that defies logic. I knew a boxer who couldn’t lift his body weight, but could bruise me even when I wore a super body protector.

The punch travels from chin to target in a straight line. 61 Punch mechanics 1 2 1 Straight right body 62 2 3 Chapter 6 3 4 4 5 6 The way to get low —Say again: The key to body punching is lowering yourself so that your shoulders line up with the target. Merely punching down from a regular stance has too little power over too great a distance.

Splitter — The splitter is thrown with the thumb up. This helps the punch slip through a well guarded opponent. It may also be used to “pot shot” your opponent since he won’t be expecting it. 4. Upper jab — The upper is a sly, effective punch. It can snap your opponent’s head up, which makes it easier to land the right hand. It’s effective because it comes in on an upward line just below peripheral vision. It’s a quick backward snap of the hand, and you’ll be amazed how strong it can be. It’s thrown like a seesaw — as your right shoulder lowers, your left shoulder rises and levers your left under the chin of an unsuspecting opponent.

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