Bohemia in London: The Social Scene of Early Modernism by P. Brooker

By P. Brooker

This unique learn discovers the bourgeois within the modernist and the dissenting type of Bohemia within the new creative events of the 1910s. Brooker sees the bohemian because the instance of the trendy artist, at odds with yet outlined by means of the codes of bourgeois society. Bohemia in London reconstructs the standard background, situating the canonic names of modernism on the earth of teams and coteries which formed the allied experiments in paintings and existence. hence it renews once again the complexities and radicalism of the modernist problem.

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Lionel Johnson saw only the flat enumeration of impressions and the pursuit of ‘commonplace pleasures’ in Symons’s verse: ‘ “a London fog, the blurred tawny lamplight, the red omnibus, the dreary rain, the depressing mud, the glaring gin-shop, the slatternly shivering women … that and nothing more” ’ (Yeats, 1955: 307). Literary London took more offence than Johnson and was scandalised by Symons’s tale of passion with a ‘Juliet of a night’ in ‘Stella Maris’ in the first issue of The Yellow Book.

To become modern, said Arthur Symons as early as 1892, poetry must respond to the experience of the city (Holdsworth, 1974: 11). He had London in mind and sought consistently to catch at this new reality in his own prose and verse. The first and enduring model, however, for Symons as for others, was not London, but Paris. Bohemian empire The Welsh-born Symons emerged as the leading ambassador for French poetry in London, the go-between Mallarmé had wished to be. com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromso - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-15 ‘The Nineties Tried Your Game’ 29 Bohemia in London satisfying achievement of fin de siècle journalism’, said Holbrook Jackson, 1976: 48) and, above all, drew on his personal acquaintance with the French poets for his influential Symbolist Movement in Literature (1899).

So too, even in the safe bohemian haven of the Empire Theatre, did the decadent and the moral campaigner. com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromso - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-15 36 ‘The Nineties Tried Your Game’ 37 dancers on stage. The ballet divertissement began: The première danseuse enters: To see her advance on the points of her toes, her arms curved symmetrically above her head, a smile of innocent child-like delight on her face … is an experience indeed.

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