Bioinspired Applications in Artificial and Natural by Jose Mira, José M. Ferrández, Jose-Ramon Alvarez Sanchez,

By Jose Mira, José M. Ferrández, Jose-Ramon Alvarez Sanchez, Felix Paz, Javier Toledo

Mira J., Ferrandez J.M., Jose-Ramon Alvarez Sanchez, de Paz F.l., Toledo F.J. (eds.) Bioinspired functions in man made and average Computation (Springer, 2009)(ISBN 3642022669)(O)(550s)

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Es Abstract. Signal processing applied to pixel by pixel infrared image processing has been frequently used as a tool for fire detection in different scenarios. However, when processing the images pixel by pixel, the geometrical or spatial characteristics of the objects under test are not considered, thus increasing the probability of false alarms. In this paper we use classical techniques of image processing in the characterization of objects in infrared images. While applying image processing to thermal images it is possible to detect groups of hotspots representing possible objects of interest and extract the most suitable features to distinguish between them.

A prediction/detection scheme for automatic forest fire surveillance. Digital Signal Processing: A Journal Review (2004) 8. : Infrared image processing and its application to forest fire surveillance. In: AVSS 2007 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal based Surveillance, London (2007) 9. : Image analysis and mathematical morphology. Academic Press, London (1990) 10. : Digital Image Processing. es Abstract. Most of the dental implant planning systems implement 3D reconstructions of the CT-data in order to achieve more intuitive interfaces.

As a result, the fitness of the individuals is changed. A combination using a Lamarckian strategy means that the changes in the TAV structures provided by the greedy search revert to the original genotypes. One of the advantages of the hybrid approach is that overcomes the limitation of the implemented GA related to its inability to perform topological changes in the TAV structure. The mixed model uses the procedures of the local search to cut links between adjacent external nodes after the minimization process.

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