Bilingual minds : emotional experience, expression and by Dr. Aneta Pavlenko

By Dr. Aneta Pavlenko

Do bi- and multilinguals understand themselves in a different way of their respective languages? Do they adventure assorted feelings? How do they exhibit feelings and have they got a favorite language for emotional expression? How are emotion phrases and ideas represented within the bi- and multilingual lexicons? This ground-breaking ebook opens up a brand new box of analysis, bilingualism and feelings, and offers exciting solutions to those and lots of similar questions.

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I am americanized to a certain extent but only to fit North American cultural situations. I ‘act French’ so to speak as soon as I am back in France or speaking in French with French people. (Diane, 38, French– English– Spanish) Different languages allow me different thought structures and possibly different ways of feeling too. But these changes do not affect me deep within where I remain the same person. (Erica, 38, German – English) These respondents draw on the discourse of a ‘true’ self, single and unitary, unaffected by the change in language.

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