Beyond Economics: Essays on Society, Religion, and Ethics by Kenneth E. Boulding

By Kenneth E. Boulding

The social philosophy of Kenneth Boulding

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Here for the first time did any observer step behind the veil into the esoteric mysteries of an Indian ceremony and record those beliefs which are the most difficult to collect from the ultra-conservative old men who know. 31 Fletcher's work among the O m a h a is considered by some authorities as equally important a contribution to ethnology as t h e monograph done among the P a w n e e . " 3 3 For this reason, they permitted her to witness the most sacred ceremonies, and to record t h e sacred tribal songs that were usually concealed from white people.

Day is here! Day is here, is here! Day is here! Day is here, is here! * Professor Barnes classified four distinctive forms or patterns of construction in Indian lyric poetry. The first of these is iterative, in which t h e repetitions occur in each stanza either at t h e opening or close. T h e Navajo "Mountain Song" is an example of this type: Song from the Mountain Chant 35 Thereof he telleth. Now of the Holy Youth, Thereof he telleth. 32 AMERICAN INDIAN POETRY Moccasins decked with black, Thereof he telleth.

Their lives were regimented by ritual. T h e entrance to their lodges h a d to face the rising sun. T h e round, domed roof, m a d e by a framework of poles covered with earth, symbolized the sky. Each post represented a star, and each was connected with some divine being. T h u s , much of "The H a k o " ritual relates to t h e earth lodges. II Summary of "The Hako" T h e ritual drama of "The H a k o " has been likened to a Medieval miracle play, for t h e ceremony emphasized, on the one hand, man's dependence on the supernatural for all the gifts of life, and on the other hand, his dependence on the family tie for the gifts of peace and happiness.

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