Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides. Structure, Synthesis, and by Laurens Anderson, Frank M. Unger

By Laurens Anderson, Frank M. Unger

content material: Structural ideas of lipopolysaccharides and organic homes of man-made partial buildings / Otto Lüderitz, Ken-Ichi Tanamoto, Chris Galanos, Otto Westphal, Ulrich Zähringer, Ernst Th. Rietschel, Shoichi Kusumoto, and Tetsuo Shiba --
Lipopolysaccharide antigens of Pseudomonas aeruginosa / Derek Horton, David A. Riley, Soth Samreth, and Mark G. Schweitzer --
Synthesis of Shigella flexneri O-antigenic repeating devices : conformational probes and aids to monoclonal antibody creation / David R. package deal, Margaret A.J. Gidney, Staffan Josephson, and Hans-Peter Wessel --
Synthesis of O-antigenic polysaccharides : pathways for the polymerization of oligosaccharide repeating devices / N.K. Kochetkov --
Immunology and immunochemistry of man-made and semisynthetic salmonella O-antigen-specific glycoconjugates / Alf A. Lindberg, Ralfh Wollin, Gert Bruse, Erik Ekwall, and Stefan B. Svenson --
Synthesis of oligosaccharides containing 3-deoxy-D-manno-2-octulopyranosylono (KDO) residues / P. Waldstätten, R. Christian, G. Schulz, F.M. Unger, P. Kosma, C. Kratky, and H. Paulsen --
Synthesis and use of 3-deoxy-D-manno-2-octulosonate (KDO) in Escherichia coli : power websites of inhibition / Paul H. Ray, John E. Kelsey, Eric C. Bigham, Charles D. Benedict, and Teresa A. Miller --
Capsular polysaccharides of uropathogenic Escherichia coli / ok. Jann --
research of the first constitution of lipid A / Ernst Th. Rietschel, Zygmunt Sidorczyk, Ulrich Zähringer, Horst-Werner Wollenweber, and Otto Lüderitz --
Use of endotoxin in melanoma immunotherapy and characterization of its unhazardous yet energetic lipid A parts / Kuni Takayama, Nilofer Qureshi, Edgar Ribi, John L. Cantrell, and Kenichi Amano --
Chemical synthesis of lipid A for the elucidation of structure-activity relationships / S. Kusumoto, M. Inage, H. Chaki, M. Imoto, T. Shimamoto, and T. Shiba --
The convergent method of the synthesis of lipid A and its analogs / Laurens Anderson and Mina A. Nashed --
artificial experiences at the lipid an element of bacterial lipopolysaccharide / Makoto Kiso and Akira Hasegawa --
artificial reviews on structural parts of the hydrophobic zone found in bacterial endotoxins / Daniel Charon, Christian Diolez, Michelle Mondange, S. Robert Sarfati, Ladislas Szabo, Patricia Szabo, and François Trigalo.

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This product has H0-3 " i s o l a t e d " f o r subsequent g l y c o s y l a t i o n , and the 0-benzylidene group provides t h e b a s i s f o r the u l t i m a t e conversion i n t o quinovosamine by deoxygenation a t C-6. Attachment o f the two rhamnose r e s i d u e s was f i r s t attempted by p r i o r c o n s t r u c t i o n o f t h e a p p r o p r i a t e (1+3)-linked rhamnose d i s a c c h a r i d e . Methyl a-L~rhamnopyranoside was allowed t o r e a c t with tri-O-acetyl-a-L-rhamnosyl bromide ("acetobromorhamnose") under the K o e n i g s — K n o r r c o n d i t i o n s .

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