Autotuning of PID Controllers [electronic resource]: A Relay by Yu, Cheng-Ching

By Yu, Cheng-Ching

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In this work, only overdamped processes are studied (underdamped processes and systems with inverse response are not included). 3 shows the relay feedback responses for those higher order processes. Note that all process gains are assumed to be one and a relay height h = 1 is used to generate sustained oscillations. 3, several observations can be made immediately. 1. FOPDT process. e. 2. 2. Effect of D /  for FOPDT process. e. small D /  for FOPDT). Specifically, the time to reach the peak amplitude is equal to the dead time, as will be shown later.

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Res. 1997;36:375. 13. Majhi S, Atherton DP. Auto-tuning and controller design for processes with small time delays. IEE Proc. Control Theory Appl. 1999;146(3):415. 14. Kaya I, Atherton DP. Parameter estimation from relay auto-tuning with asymmetric limit cycle data. Process Control 2001;11:429. 15. Panda RC, Yu CC. Analytical expressions for relay feedback responses. J. Process Control 2003;13:48. 4 Shape of Relay Luyben [1] pointed out that the shapes of the response curves of a relay feedback test contain useful information.

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