Atlas of Seeds and Fruits of Central and East-European Flora by Vít Bojnanský, Agáta Fargasová

By Vít Bojnanský, Agáta Fargasová

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Pinus jeffreyi Grev. , P. deflexa Torrey − Tree, up to 20-40 m high with an upright trunk, oval conical up to globose corona. Seeds obovoid to ellipsoid, slight flattish, with an indistinct marginal brim, 10-12 x 6-7 mm, wings 2-3 mm. Surface smooth, dull, marble-brown to nigrescent, wings easylike deciduous. 2n = 24. Originally growing in California, Oregon, up to 1700 m elevation; in the Carpathians rarely planted in parks, gardens, arboretums, as a decorative tree. 38. Pinus pinaster Aiton − Tree, up to 40 m high, bark deeply fissured, reddish-brown, buds oblong, fusiform, not resinous, cones are oval.

2n = 24. Native to mountains of Europe, in light woodlands, susceptible to pollution; cultivated as ornamental in forests, parks, gardens, town-verdure. Br, Cz, Hu, Mo, Pl, Ro, Sk, Uk. 45. , P. nivea Booth, Strobus strobus Small − Tree, up to 40-50 m high, corona regular, narrowish conical, wide later on. 8 mm, membranous wings 12-15 mm long. Surface fine furrowed, slight lustrous, brown, black spotted, with a marginal brim. 2n = 24. Originally growing in North America, one of the economic important species, resistant to climatical changes, insects and elemental calamities; often planted in forest, parks, gardens.

Originally growing in Japan, very decorative, usually cultivated in parks, gardens, town verdure in warmer areas. Cz, Hu, Mo, Ro, Sk, Uk. 96. Calycanthus occidentalis Hook et Arn. − Shrub, up to 3 m high, with deciduous leaves, flowers on the short lateral twigs. 4-5 mm. Surface smooth, slight lustrous, dark-chocolate brown, on wings and surrounding areas hirsute. Native to California; in the Carpathians very rarely cultivated, mostly in botanical gardens. 11. LAURACEAE 92. Liriodendron tulipifera L.

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