At the Crossroads by Various, Eds. Alkistis Dimech, Peter Grey, Jake

By Various, Eds. Alkistis Dimech, Peter Grey, Jake Stratton-Kent

On the crossroads the trails of magicians and worlds meet.
Grimoire and root employees, Hoodoo and Vodoun, Quimbanda and Ifa. A effective fusion is occuring, a moment diaspora.

At the Crossroads tells the tales of what occurs while the Western Magical culture encounters the African Diaspora and standard religions, and vice versa. it's a blending and a magic that speaks of a really new international emerging.

In this amassing of kindred spirits, reviews are shared among initiates of very varied cultures whose magic proves to be underpinned via an identical rules, although clothed in numerous garb.

We locate the grimoires of previous Europe flourishing within the New global, Juju spreading in the course of the usa, the crafty males of Essex rendering provider to the Lwa of Haitian Voudon, alchemists who're Paleros, the innovations of the Greek Magical Papyri utilized to Conjure counter-hexing. this is often fertile flooring for the mind's eye, and practice.

At The Crossroads is widely illustrated, in either black and white and color with unique artistic endeavors and intensive essays by means of prime practitioners of the occult neighborhood from ny to Bristol, and from London to Brazil.

An very important contribution made on the aspect the place the entire roads meet.
Where we stumble upon the main conventional methods and the wildest fringes of the avant garde, on the Crossroads boldly calls for your consciousness

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The divide between the visible and invisible realm is accordingly seen as a fallacy, a deviation from the original order. Ifá teaches that everything that exists is conscious. If we can name it, it is because it possesses a conscious existence. The Yoruba word for consciousness is Ori and we find this word in the term Orisa. One story in the Ifá corpus of verses tells how Ori was in the beginning a closed calabash that upon falling from a mountain was shattered, hence Orisa – shards of consciousness were scattered all over nature.

The illness can be of the body, soul and the mind and it also gives the remedies to ward off illness. At the same time it possesses the knowledge of herbs and their qualities. It is an Odu that reveals the whole array of nature and her remedies, from healing to killing. It carries yet again the admonition of not growing arrogant, as this will tilt you off center and send you into the domains of dislocated self importance, cruelty and hubris. It is the whole array of illness and the principle of healing.

Ultimately, the rebellion defeated the French, Dutch and Spanish Armies and so Washington banned all trade with the new born Haiti and even attempted to sell a portion of the Louisiana Purchase back to France. S. slave population might follow the lead set by Haiti. In 1790, the year of the French Revolution, free persons of color (les Sirènes) in French Santa Domingo owned 10% of the island’s slaves and land. The exiles from Haiti and Louisiana’s own liminal community of free persons of colour undoubtedly would have had contact with the Vodou of the Caribbean.

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