Aspergillus fumigatus and Aspergillosis by Jean-Paul Latgé, William J. Steinbach

By Jean-Paul Latgé, William J. Steinbach

Offers the newest insights into the elemental biology and pathogenesis of A. fumigatus.

  • Provides a mixed synopsis of either A. fumigatus and its illnesses and therapies.
  • Encompasses the main up to date wisdom to function a source advisor for the subsequent decade of analysis in this organism and the numerous illnesses it causes.
  • Covers the basic biology of A. fumigatus together with particular positive aspects in genetics, biochemistry, and telephone biology that may clarify the virulence of this opportunistic pathogen.
  • Discusses the big variety of scientific an infection, plus the newest diagnostic and therapy concepts, in particular sufferer populations.

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Mycoses 37:389–392. , J. M. Moreno, M. Dolores Moragues, S. Brena, G. Quindo ´s, J. Ponto ´n, and A. del Palacio. 2006. Aislamiento de Aspergillus lentulus en un enfermo crı´tico con EPOC y aspergilosis invasora, abstr. D14. VIII Congreso Nacional Micologia, Barcelona, Spain. Anderson, M. , J. L. Brookman, and D. W. Denning. 2003. Aspergillus, p. 1–39. In R. A. Prade and H. J. ), Genomics of Plants and Fungi. Marcel Dekker, New York, NY. , I. Kaneko, T. Yoshida, M. Noguchi, Y. Nomura, and I. Yamaguchi.

Ellipticus, and A. fumigatus var. acolumnaris should be recognized as A. fumigatus since they cluster together with A. fumigatus in several loci. PHYLOGENETIC SPECIES RECOGNITION CONCEPT Innovation in sequencing technology has made the generation of sequence data from multiple genes relatively easy and fairly economical. This has resulted in the increasing popularity of the genealogical concordance phylogenetic species recognition (GCPSR) concept as a method of choice for fungal species determination.

Lentulus from A. udagawae unambiguously within the section Fumigati, and comparative sequence analyses of the protein-coding regions can be more useful. , 2006). Additionally, a multilocus sequence typing scheme (MLST; explained in detail below in the section on molecular tools) specific for A. , 2007). Most of the evaluated genes have been polymorphic and suitable for species delimitation, recombination studies, and population structure analyses. In our experience, the benA gene is a useful marker for species delimitation within the section Fumigati, and the primer set benA forward (5Ј-AAT TGG TGC CGC TTT CTG G) and benA reverse (5Ј-AGT TGT CGG GAC GGA ATA G) can be used for this purpose.

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