Apocalyptic Vision Modernism by Fraser, H M

By Fraser, H M

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Race nationalism and the state

Twentieth-century authors have been profoundly encouraged via alterations within the manner countries and states ruled their voters. the improvement of nation administrative applied sciences allowed Western states to spot, song and control their populations in unheard of methods. Patricia E. Chu argues that suggestions of shape and magnificence built by way of Anglo-American modernist writers chart anxieties approximately own freedom within the face of accelerating governmental controls.


Modernist Quartet is a examine of the 4 significant American modernist poets--Frost, Stevens, Pound, Eliot--in quite a few old environments (literary, philosophical, gender relatives, the enterprise of capitalist economics) with particular awareness given to their significant poetic texts as they concurrently mirror and form our realizing of these environments.

Troubling Legacies: Migration, Modernism and Fascism in the Case of Knut Hamsun (Continuum Literary Studies)

Modernist troublemaker within the Nineties, Nobel Prize winner in 1920, and indefensible Nazi sympathiser within the Thirties and 40s, Knut Hamsun maintains to impress condemnation, apologia and significant confusion. trained through the works of Jacques Derrida and Sigmund Freud, Troubling Legacies analyses the heterogeneous and conflicted legacies of the enigmatic ecu author, Hamsun.

Perpetual Carnival: Essays on Film and Literature

Upholding literature and picture jointly as academically interwoven, Perpetual Carnival underscores the eternal coexistence of realism and modernism, eschewing the popularly approved view that the latter is itself a rejection of the previous. Mining examples from either movie and literature, Colin MacCabe asserts that the connection among movie and literature springs to lifestyles a wealth of loved modernist artwork, from Jean-Luc Godard's Pierre le Fou to James Joyce's Ulysses, enriched through realism's enduring legacy.

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The symbolist sense of crisis was influentially explored by Stéphane Mallarmé in his essay ‘Crisis in Poetry’ (1886), which argues that language’s inability to capture what Mallarmé variously refers to as ‘the soul’, ‘the essence’ of things, or ‘Truth’, has produced ‘a fundamental and fascinating crisis in literature’ (1956: 34, 37–38, 40). He explains that it is in order to resolve this crisis that symbolists have rejected Free verse (also often referred to using the French term, vers libre). Term used to describe verse that departs from regular patterns of rhythm and rhyme.

When it came to expressing the experience, however, he could imagine no verbal equivalent, only ‘little splotches of colour’. But, just as Hulme felt able to express the experience of the Canadian steppes only when he encountered the free verse form of the French symbolists, Pound’s breakthrough occurred when he turned from his usual poetic models to Japanese haiku. It was the example of this form, Pound wrote, that helped him to create this archetypal imagist poem, a poem which records ‘the precise instant when a thing outward and objective transforms itself, or darts into a thing inward and subjective’ (1970a: 89).

A poem presented as a speech by a fictional figure to an (unspeaking) listener, often at a moment of crisis. As in a theatrical monologue, the speaker’s character is revealed not only directly (through what the speaker says), but also indirectly (through how it is said, and what is not said). Much rests, therefore, on the reader’s interpretation. The form is associated particularly with the Victorian poet, Robert Browning. 911 ORIGINS OF MODERNISM 29 30 KEY IDEAS of the poems lends itself to simple summary of content, there is no ‘story’ to tell; yet they all convey a mood, a tone, through the combination of experiments in rhythm and striking images.

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