Aparte: Conceptions and Deaths of Soren Kierkegaard by Sylviane Agacinski

By Sylviane Agacinski

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Page i Kierkegaard and Postmodernism General Editor Mark C. Taylor, Williams College Associate Editors E. F. Kaelin, The Florida State University Louis Mackey, The University of Texas at Austin Page ii OTHER WORKS IN THE SERIES Points of View: Readings of Kierkegaard by Louis Mackey (1986) A Question of Eros: Irony in Sterne, Kierkegaard, and Barthes by John Vignaux Smyth (1986) Kierkegaard and the Problem of Writing by Pat Bigelow (1988) Page iii Aparté Conceptions and Deaths of Søren Kierkegaard Sylviane Agacinski Translated with an introduction by Kevin Newmark University Presses of Florida FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY PRESS TALLAHASSEE Page iv The Florida State University Press is grateful for support for this publication from the Frederick W.

And how are we to understand écart: stepping aside, swerving, mistake, fault, deviation, digression, variation, difference; à l'écart: aside, apart, in solitude, in a lonely place? For those who, unlike the actors on stage, have ears to hear, other sounds echo in aparté: part, share, part; partir, to set out, depart, crack, crash, die; parti, gone away, gone off; partie, part of a whole, party, diversion, amusement, game, match, contest, client, opponent, adversary, parcel, lot; partage, portion, division; even apartheid.

But when he does refer to Kierkegaard, it is always with a kind of uncanny authority and always in regard to two essential issues. " The Kierkegaardian concepts of "faith," "sin," and "anxiety," for instance, are not to be regarded as returns to some sort of ineffable immediacy but rather as fully reflected concepts that present themselves to Kierkegaard on the far side of dialectical thought. Second, Kierkegaard's "dialectic'' is quite obviously not the same as Hegel's, and the way in which Hegelian dialectical thought is challenged by Kierkegaard's peculiar form of dialectic has something to do with his theory of language.

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