Android A Programmers Guide by J.F. DiMarzio

By J.F. DiMarzio

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After the download completes, you will need to navigate to the download location and execute the package manually. During the installation process, you will be prompted to read and accept the License Agreement, shown next. After agreeing to the standard License Agreement and clicking Next, you will be able to select your custom setup options. Chapter 2: Downloading and Installing Eclipse There is very little you need to change here, unless you are a more seasoned Java veteran and have particular options that you want to choose, in which case you should feel free to change the selections as you see fit.

Hello, Activity! The Hello, Activity! –style application. Though simple in its design, Hello, Activity! does a good job of showing off the abilities of the platform. –style applications in the next chapter. 41 42 Android: A Programmer’s Guide Lunar Lander Lunar Lander, shown next, is a small game that plays on the Android Emulator. Lunar Lander shows how a simple 2-D game works on Android. The controls are fairly simple, and the game is not very complex. However, given these drawbacks, it is a great starter for game development.

Click OK. Chapter 3: Downloading and Installing the Android SDK NOTE The name for your site can be anything you want, as long as it will help you identify what the link is. Feel free to use something other than Android Plugin. 6. A new site named Android Plugin should now be in your list of available sites: 27 28 Android: A Programmer’s Guide At this point Eclipse has not yet looked for the plugin; this is just a list of paths that you can tell Eclipse to check when looking for new plugins to install.

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