Amazing Secrets of Psychic Healing by Benjamin O. Bibb, Joseph J. Weed

By Benjamin O. Bibb, Joseph J. Weed


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When he saw her she was sitting so bent over that he had to sit on the floor in order to see her face. She had seen an orthopedic doctor at Day Kimball Hospital in Putnam, Connecticut who said nothing could be done since her spinal discs were soft and disintegrating. She then went to the Lahey Clinic in Boston and, after a week there, was told the same thing, that she would have to be a bed case for five or six years with no guarantee that she would get better. Emil Girard felt sorry for her and visited her weekly.

Along with this picture she sent white healing energy. " It seems in most cases that the inner mind of the patient needs only a small suggestion, a tiny shove, to get it started in healing the ailment. We have on record many histories that bear this out. Frequently, as in the case of the common cold, medicines have been tried without success. Here is a report on the successful treatment of infected tonsils and adenoids by Diane White of Chattanooga, Tennessee. MEDIPIC FOR TREATMENT OF PNEUMONIA 1.

In this case you suggest that they be wrapped in elastic gold thread. 6. Now you see the lungs completely healed and in perfect working order before you withdraw your attention from the patient. A healer with this right attitude is Edith Jacques of Juno, Florida. Here is her firsthand account of how she gave quick and lasting relief to an emphysema sufferer: Last summer I visited a friend in Massachusetts who lives with her mother. 's mother is completely active, but suffers from emphysema. She explained that at times this created quite a problem, but at other times there was but little discomfort.

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