The Aegean Civilization (History of Civilization) by Glotz

By Glotz

The dependent and complex civilization of the Aegean is defined right here in a method of wonderful richness, knowledgeable all through by way of sound scholarship. those those who lived see you later in concord and peace, who cultivated the humanities with this kind of constructed aesthetic experience, who ultimately handed lots in their background to historic Greece, play a tremendous half in background, whereas their civilization presents quite a few awesome similarities with modern faith, style, and game.

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He first appeared there after the cataclysm. Otherwise, the lEgean regions would all have been populated together from the Palreolithic Age. As it was, they were only peopled later, one after the other, by immigrations of djfferent populations. Crete itself, which comes at their head, does not appe a,in pre-history until � the Neolithic Age. In those times, men first lived in caves or in shelters beneath rocks. Then they built round mud huts with stone floors, such as the " hut-foundation " discovered at Phaistos, or else they adopted the rectangular form of house made of unhewn stones.

AJA. 1 922, 298 ff. ; Blegen, I I I ; cf. Blegen and Wace, BSA. xxii, 1 76 ff. 3 See XXXII ; cf. XX V, 6-9 ; X X X I ; L. 4 XLI. 5 De Ridder, BCH. 1 894, 271 ff. ; d. Noack, LXII, 19 ff. d , i ( 1 9 1 4 ) , 51 ff. 7 REG. 1 91 2, 253 ff. a X C I, 1 7 1 ff. 9 Rhomaios, np . , 1 908, 95 ff. d , i, 225 ff . ; ii, 1 79 ff. 10 CRA!. 1 909, 382 ff. ; 1 9 1 1 , 6 ff. ; np . ; d. V U, 355 ff. 2 THE EXCAVATIONS 19 at Leukas 1 prove uninterrupted occupation since the Neolithic Age. Moreover, the finds at Kephali,2 in the extremity of Kerkyra, seem to point to a radiation of even this early culture towards Illyria and Italy.

1' "'�" 22 " . dO ::�''''""'''1d • " ; ; "I � � .. . of Ida. ;;,/ ,,,,,�) . "" . IIt�,.. '\\IIt",� eaf: "' , . leird. ��"'-'� '" .. ' "'II '''''.. ,"\11". ]"J \l>i>e chrO. ;" W. � 1/ I II ' . ,\ (Jt' � \\\\\ . ,. , '*" G_ ciV rn ,a. ""' ''''' 1% (tj/&M/II/ Ii , . . � 1\��/" ill iflifl//lq'/III . � . L,goroyno � 'OOpIi ,, ·, · . R 1f! /j . ,, '. fl Ha,9la. , '>�£ ,T4. �� . 1 \II 0 .... "" ,.. J¥J! J4r'\ "\l llIlIlIiJl/l/;'::/� � . . . . " . �. nos . "SLVo. \'IIIIANO/a. J \\11\ 1 1/ 1/11 11/1/1 ..

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