Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics, Vol. 72 by Peter W. Hawkes (Ed.)

By Peter W. Hawkes (Ed.)

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96) T is the scalar kinetic energy term of r,-related electrons or the Luttinger 4 x 4 matrix for the kinetic energy of r,-related holes. In the latter case both the barrier and impurity potentials have to be multiplied by a 4 x 4 identity matrix. It is clear that the eigenvalues &(L,zi)of A? 26. The binding energy of on-edge donors in GaAs-Ga(A1)Asquantum wells is plotted versus the GaAs slab thickness for several assumed barrier heights: (1) V, = 212 meV, (2) Vb = 3 18 meV, (3) V, = 424 meV, (4) infinite &.

0 50 150 200 $50 300 350 Well Width (A) 100 FIG. 28. The binding energies of acceptors in GaAs-Ga,,,AI,,,As quantum wells are plotted versus the GaAs slab thickness. , 1983, 1985. 4 -14 -16 1 40 60 80 100 1 2 0 Number or GaAs Monolayerr 20 FIG. 29. The binding energies on-center donors in GaAs-Ga, _,AI,As is plotted versus the GaAs slab thickness. 83 A thick. , 1982. Al,As quantum wells. At low field, the “1S” donor state exhibits a quadratic Zeeman shift while at large field it approaches from below the energy of the n = 0 Landau level.

78) since for a rectangular quantum well the zero field eigenfunctions have a definite parity, which prevents the existence of a permanent electric moment. A finite electric field polarizes the carrier wavefunction and the quadratic Stark shift reflects the interaction of the induced moment with the inducing field. The coefficient a, can be calculated by a second order perturbation expansion: where the xioh are the zero field eigenfunctions of the quantum well. We see from Eq. e. that El experiences a red shift and a, scales like m,L4.

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