A Shaman's Tale: Path to Spirit Consciousness by Richard L Alaniz

By Richard L Alaniz

A Shaman’s story is the autobiographical narrative approximately one man’s trip to non secular understanding. This trip isn't really a spiritual or political one, yet person who transcends size, area, and time. via his event as a shaman and his encounters with the magical, Richard Alaniz explains how paranormal reports may possibly carry knowledge to the spirit global in a manner that serves people who are looking for greater consciousness.

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This is believed to be objective observation but, in some cases, it is subjective. Historically the world was flat and it was reasonable to think it as such. However, new information led science to change its mind and produce a new theory, that the world is actually round. The greatest asset of science is its capacity to improve research methods. But we do not take into consideration, because we can’t prove it with science and technology at this time, that there are multidimensional forces. Science shuns experiences that take place outside of our given reality.

As you believe, you are also thinking I may not be strong enough, quick enough, or my attention may be sidetracked. Having “faith” that you will be caught is simply falling backward without discrimination or reservation — you are not waiting to feel my arms secure your fall. This is known as blind faith. Knowing you will be caught is having experienced being caught by me before. You “know” it is possible — no need to believe and there is no doubt. 45 Once one has developed a viable meditation practice and accepts the purpose of Induced Knowledge, one can identify its manifestation and can recognize its intent.

We can submit the idea that a video game — representing one’s Karmonic Experience — can be played with different outcomes by the same player.

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