Manual of Occultism by Sepharial

By Sepharial

Contents: The Occult Sciences; Astrology; Palmistry; Thaumaturgic artwork; Hypnotism and Mesmerism; Divination; The Tarot; Cartomancy; Crystal looking at; Visions; Geomancy; Casting; Psychometry; goals; Alchemy.

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The Khadam is an Arabic observe potential wisdom or translated as servant In Ilmu Al Hikmah (Knowledge Of The Wisdom), Khadam is likely one of the occult notice in Arabic/Islamic and they discuss with servant. they're just like Qarin yet now not a similar simply because Qarin is a spirit servant that was once born with an individual and a Khadam is a servant that needs to be acquired/invoked by way of occult perform.

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For individuals attracted to folks magic. The 6th and 7th Books of Moses, arguably the most well known magick books ever released, comprises mystery apocrypha ascribed to Moses, possibly pseudepigraphically. The ebook contains a suite of texts,which declare to give an explanation for the magick Moses used to win the biblical magick contest with the Egyptian priest-magicians, half the pink Sea, and practice different excellent feats.

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Frankly admitted that the influence of an Arc of Direction extended over a considerable period and that it was brought into effect by the concurrence of Secondary or Lunar Directions, transits and eclipses. Hence the experiences of "Zadkiel" and myself are entirely in accord, and I have no hesitation in saying that all the periodic changes in life may be accurately foretold by reference to the Primary Arcs formed by the diurnal progress of the planets; while the precise time of the crises and the specific nature of events may be known by reference to the radical import of the planets involved, and to the aspects formed by the Moon in its progress.

May brings some danger of indisposition to the Queen. At this time treaties are rescinded or impeded. June brings naval honours, development of the marine interests; favourable interventions; some pageants, festivities or celebrations; a prosperous and enjoyable period; felicitations and pleasures. July is unfortunate for journeys by short sea passage. The health of His Majesty may show signs of reaction, inducing a feverish habit and some passing derangement of the digestive organs. , in the capital.

3. Similar aspects formed by the progressed Sun. 4. Aspects formed by the progressed planets to the Midheaven, Ascendant, Sun and Moon in the Radix. It is thus possible at any time to determine the influences operating in a horoscope. Let us take those of King George V in the year 1911. , London. Arc for 1911 = 46 days, or July 19, 1865. h. m. Midheaven, at noon 18-7-’65 Time since noon 7 49 10 13 18 Equation for 13 h. 18 m. at 10" 0 2 12 _ Midheaven progressed s. _ 21 _ 9 22 This gives the Midheaven in 15° and reference to the Tables of the Houses for London shows the 21°.

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