Flora of Northeastern Minnesota by Olga Lakela

By Olga Lakela

A flowers of Northeastern Minnesota was once first released in 1965. Minnesota Archive variations makes use of electronic expertise to make long-unavailable books once more obtainable, and are released unaltered from the unique collage of Minnesota Press editions.

A handbook for the identity of the ferns, fern allies, flowering vegetation, bushes, shrubs, and herbs of Minnesota's Arrowhead quarter, this quantity lists 113 botanic households and describes 1,300 species, with keys for id. There are eighty line drawings of plant species and 419 maps exhibiting distribution.

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Infrequent. Nfld to BC, Lab to Minn. B. simplex Hitchc. Small Grape Fern. --Rare. 1476 shore of pond, alder thicket, Minn Pt, Duluth; 16551 sandy wet border of meadow about 7 mi se of Ribbing. Nfld to BC, Calif. 8. matricariaefolium A. Br. Matricary Grape Fern. Plants up to 20 cm long with elongate basal stalk up to the blades; sterile blade simple or pinnate; fertile branch simple to paniculate; spores bluntly muricate. Paim & Gibson, Hoist Bay, Basswood L; G4890 rocky island off Canadian Pt in Basswood L, on the boundary.

Bernh. Bulblet Fern. --Local in s and w parts of St. Louis Co. 9532 Kabetogama L; 1995 Prairie L, Lake Co. 4853 in crevices of diabase, Gooseberry R. Nfld to Man, to Minn. C. Dickieana Sims. Northern Bladder Fern. Plants similar to C. --Rare. Lake Co. 5436 rock crevices above L Superior at East Beaver Bay; 13585 mossy ledges of the Great Palisade Head, n-facing cliff above Hwy 61. Alas, Minn, Eu. Pteretis Raf. Ostrich Fern (Gr. pteris, fern) P. ) Fern. f. pensylvanica. Ostrich Fern. Large ferns up to 1 m tall with stout forking rhizomes; sporophylls on crown of caudex encircled by sterile leaves vasefashion; rachis and stalks grooved; the sori enclosed within cavities of the nodulous pinnae; the rachis of sterile leaves glabrous and shiny, or pubescent in f.

Common Spikemoss. --Frequent on exposed rocks throughout the n parts of area. 6566 Burntside L, Ely. 13209 Finger Bay of Rainy L. NS to Man and s. ISOETACEAE (QUILLWORT FAMILY) Submersed aquatics; plants tufted, fibrous-rooted, with simple erect leaves arising from corms; spores of 2 kinds; sporangia borne within dilated leaf bases, ligule minute on adaxial side just above the sporangium. Isoetes L. Quillwort (Ancient Gr. name) Roots and corm somewhat fleshy; leaves soft or firm, linear, spongy, spirally arranged in rosettes, mostly with sporophylls, the outermost usually bearing megasporangia, the inner microsporangia; megaspores variously sculptured; microspores numerous.

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