A descriptive catalogue of poets quoted in Sanskrit by Ludwik Sternbach

By Ludwik Sternbach

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258). Not cited in CC I . The verse is quoted in JS only and does not occur in other anthologies. Amatory verse. PRADYUMNA (BHATTAO) ~ 855. V. >rffi"q' ~ ('I. ~) PRATAPARUDRA v. PRATAPA (No. 852),~ PRATINANDA (v. ABHINANDA) (No. 24) A B C E F G A B E F G H I J 66 No information. Must have lived in the first years of the 13th century or earlier, for the single verse attributed to the author is quoted in Skm. Skm. One verse. Skm (B) 392 (a. 2 (a. Abhinanda), SMS 10518. See J. CC I 349, Skm (B) 13, SACA 843.

7 verses. (1) PG 48 (a. Purusottamadeva or SrfPuru~ottamadeva), SMS 1063, (v. Kav p. 53); (2) PG 224 (a. Purusottamadeva or Gajapati-Purusottamadeva), SMS 9195 (v. 53); (3) PG 156 (a, Purusottarnadeva or Purusottamadeva or Gajapati-Puru] tt~a_deva or Gajapatj-sri-Purusottamadeva), SMS 9847, (v. Kav p. 53); (4) PG 29 (a. Sri Purusottamadeva or Purusottamadeva or Purusottama), SMS VI (v. Kav p. 5 (5) PG 161 (a. Sri Purusottarnadeva or Purusottamadeva or Gajapati-Puru~otta1( madeva or Gajapatipurusottarnadeva); (6) PG 221 (a.

Verse No. 27 is also quoted anonymously in SkY (v. B above). The verses ofPrakas~varsa must have been well-known for they are cited in old and younger anthologies. Most of' Prakas'avar~a's verses are quoted in VS. Mostly gnomic, sententious verses; some descriptive verses and anyokti-s. I PRAKASA (No. 1175) - / -/ PRAKASAVARDHANA v. A / - v. DARSANIYA II (No. 595) (No. 847) 847. ASUNORDARSANiYA ' = PRAKASAVARDH Son of Harsa; father of Darsaniya. From Kasmfr. Most probably defferent from Prakasavarsa, author of the Rasiirnaviilarnkara.

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