A Beginner’s Guide to Value Investing by Clem Chambers

By Clem Chambers

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That is a good benchmark. 1 times sales; the difference of course between those two companies is that one company’s sales are worth a hundred times more than another’s. It is clearly odd that a pound of sales of one company can be worth a hundred times more than another and this is the basis of why we look at this number. It might not be odd, it might just be wrong. The values we are looking for are companies with a sales to market capitalisation ratio of less than 1. This means a company’s sales total more than the company can be bought for.

By all means get acquainted with technical analysis, but remember, chart schemes of the past have already been picked over a million times and pre-empted to death. Issue 3: Selling Classically when you see a 30% profit on a value investment you are meant to sell. You won’t go far wrong doing this. Occasionally a stock you have held will run a lot further and it is frustrating to sell out early on a stock that then goes up three, four, even ten times. There is probably no way of deciding how far to run your profits, but you will often be rewarded by not being greedy.

Its sixty year history is alone a strong recommendation that value investing works and will keep on working. Other ideas have come and gone, yet value investing keeps on going. One of the reasons for this longevity is that value investing requires discipline and some work. It is rather boring and unflashy. This is a benefit but for many it is a drawback. People are drawn to risky games — and the stock market is considered risky — and they like excitement and kudos. These ‘punters’ want to make quick money because they have a gambling streak.

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