999: New Stories of Horror and Suspense by Al Sarrantonio

By Al Sarrantonio

The weaving of fictional suspense and terror is as historic as humankind itself. yet the place does this age-old culture stand on the cusp of a brand new decade, a brand new century, a brand new millennium? This tremendous quantity seeks to reply to that question. Your carry on your arms the state-of-the-art -- of fear.To organize this groundbreaking anthology, author and editor Al Sarrantonio challenged a exclusive roster of authors to illustrate with all-new tales the form of horror/suspense literature as we input the twenty-first century. As you'll learn the twenty-nine members replied via exhibiting the endless kind that is the very hallmark of this box. a few of these tales will startle you or fill you with terror. a few will hang-out you lengthy when you end analyzing them. there's even an eerily echoing chortle or chanced on within. yet jointly, those most unearthly of stories sign up for to shape a good literary mosaic, a shiny modern portrait of a style that is proud, effective, and irresistible.Not simply is that this the biggest anthology of unique horror/suspense fiction of all time -- no longer one tale in 999 has ever been released earlier than -- however it is usually the best. here's a significant publishing occasion with an perspective: to shake you up and scare you foolish.

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Cautiously, the corporal circled around and rammed his rifle-butt into a knee. The guards were under orders not to waste ammunition; there was a shortage. Bone cracked and the Amerikan went down like a devotee before an icon. The corporal prodded a colorful back with his boot-toe and pushed the Amerikan onto his face. As he wriggled, ice shards worked through his flesh. Chirkov had assumed the dead would stink but this one was frozen and odorless. The skin was pink and unperished, the rips in it red and glittery.

She likened the ungainly and stumbling dead creatures to a pupal stage, and expressed a belief that the Amerikans were becoming stronger. Her argument was that they should be categorized not as former human beings but as an entirely new species, with its own strengths and capabilities. At every meeting, Valentina would complain she could only manage so much by examining doubly dead bodies and that the best hope of making progress would be to secure “live” specimens and observe their natural progress.

He spoke with especial interest and enthusiasm of the so-called Mad Monk’s powers of healing, the famously ameliorative hands that could ease the symptoms of the Tsarevich’s hemophilia. It was his contention that Rasputin had been possessed of a genuine paranormal talent. Even Chirkov thought this beside the point, especially when the Director wound down by admitting another failure in his reconstruction project. , expected to remain at the post in the foyer until the nine o’clock relief. Captain Zharov and Lyubashevski could not decide whether Chirkov counted as a soldier or an experimental assistant; so he found himself called on to fulfill both functions, occasionally simultaneously.

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